Sep. 20, 2018

Shaolin Hellgate In Hindi Free Download

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A man and woman are kicked out of the Court of Heaven on trumped up charges of bringing shame onto the Kingdom.

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original title: Shaolin Hellgate

genge: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Musical,Horror

imdb: 6.9

duration: 1h 28min

keywords: darkcomedy

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A man and woman are kicked out of the Court of Heaven on trumped up charges of bringing shame onto the Kingdom. So you've got that urge to watch a good, old Shaw Bros. picture, but you can't make up your mind between a period kung-fu movie and a modern actioner... or maybe a fantasy thing ... or maybe a light love story. Well, if you don't mind a somewhat disjointed story told jarringly and a psychedelic edge to the cheesier-than-usual effects, then this movie might be for you. It's at least three movies -- one each involving heaven, earth and hell -- rolled (roughly) into one, with a musical interlude featuring Alexander Fu Sheng and his lovely wife Jenny. Certainly you don't have to settle on any one actor for this viewing selection, as just about everyone turns up in it -- though they're not always sure why. There are a couple of good action scenes and a couple of flashes of comedy, maybe even on purpose. The strangest thing about this film is that you kind of have to watch it through once you start because you're kind of enjoying it. So it's one of Chang Cheh's weirder contributions; it's still a Chang Cheh film! The martial arts action in "Shaolin Hellgate" is awfully good--you cannot deny that. The kicking, punching and swordplay are all at the high level you'd expect from a Shaw Brothers film. However, won't believe this film!!! It is bizarre and my describing it to you won't do the film justice....but I'll try.

The film starts off in Heaven--but probably not the sort of Heaven you'd envisioned. Two heavenly beings are in love but are apparently not allowed to be (wow...Heaven sucks in this film) and try to run away with each other. But, they are pursued and almost caught until a sympathetic heavenly being helps them. They are now on Earth--reincarnated. Okay. Well, the film then soon switches to Hell--where it remains for about 90% of the movie. And this Hell is a fascinating place--sort of like if Bosch, Salvador Dali and the Marquis de Sade came up with Hell. There, you'll see all kinds of crazy tortures. Some are pretty gruesome (after all, it IS Hell) and some are pretty funny (such as the gossips). There, our two lovers want to escape and they call upon the Buddha of Mercy to hear their pleas. He not only gives them a chance but helps them find several warriors who were unfairly dispatched to the Netherworld--and the team fights their way back to Earth! As you probably noticed from the plot, this is no ordinary martial arts film! It's got some silly moments (what is with the big tongues?!) but it always is exciting and worth watching. Strange but worth your time.


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