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Robin Hood In Hindi Free Download

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After 5 years of fighting in the crusades, Robin returns to England and leads a band of outlaws to outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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original title: Robin Hood

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Romance

imdb: 7.9

duration: 1h

budget: £8,000,000

keywords: outlaw, crusades, warrior, england, friar, midlandsaccent, theft, swordfight, medievaltimes, knight, kingrichardi, historicalfiction, hero, forest, castle, basedonlegend, archery, characternameintitle














































Returning from five years of fighting in the crusades, Robin of Locksley and his manservant Much discover their beloved home under the rule of the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. To fight the tyranny, Robin becomes the leader of a band of outlaws with Will Scarlett, Allan A Dale, Royston White, Little John, and Djaq. Meanwhile, feisty Lady Marian inspires the love of both her childhood sweetheart Robin and the Sheriff's second-in-command Sir Guy of Gisborne. Later episodes find the addition of friends and foes such as Prince John, warrior monk Tuck, village girl Kate, Guy's sister Isabella, and mysterious Archer. Robin of Loxsley returns from the holy land, to find Nottingham in pieces under the rule of the new Sheriff. He leads a band of outlaws to fight the Sherrif and help the people of Nottingham, all whilst falling in love again with his ex-finance Marian. Okay, I have waited until I have watched the whole series before I decided to post a comment on this series, just so you know that my opinion is not a rash, spur of the moment one.

I was looking forward to watching this series; I expected the BCC to have improved on the old Robin Of Sherwood series. Unfortunately the only significant improvement I have noted is the clarity of the picture, but that may be more due to technological progress in the form of digital broadcasting than anything else.

As the premier television producer in the country the BBC have a duty to provide programmes which are not misleading. Robin Hood, unfortunately fails to meet up to my expectations of the BBC. When a story has some basis in history the scriptwriters should not just take a few of the facts, stick them in a tumble drier and see what comes out. They should try and stick to them as much as possible. Where was Friar Tuck? What happened to the initial confrontation between Robin and Little John? And a host of other missing or misleading facts.

Improvements in costumes and sets over Robin of Sherwood I would have expected but diversifying from the historical story in the way that they have means that a generation will grow up believing the wrong story. (I accept that the magic in RoS was far fetched enough to be entirely unbelievable.) We can only speculate on the small details, which the scriptwriters can legitimately have a field day on, but straying from some of the major facts is unacceptable in a production coming from the BBC.

The story doesn't stray into the Robin of Sherwood mistake of too much magic, remaining with more realistic, if sometimes a little far fetched, scenarios; I mean, who, even today, would be up and walking around, running about and jumping onto horses just two days after being critically injured? In those days survival would have required weeks of bed rest, fever and probably a lifelong disability.

This is also a show with a lot of sharp instruments, bows and swords and things, but hardly any injury. It's remarkably out of proportion, more people would have died and there would have been so much blood; but this is a tea-time programme, so I can forgive them the blood.

The sets are good, being quite realistic. The outlaws have to cope with mediocre materials and do well, so well that you are always expecting to see a washing machine and tumble drier behind a tree in the background. More dirt would have been more realistic.

The dialogue is occasionally good, verging more on the corny and ironic than well written though ("It's a good day to die"? Hmmm, the scriptwriters are outlaws too are they???). I actually found that I liked the Sheriff, with most of my hate directed towards Guy (the rest of it towards the criminals that wrote, directed and produced the programmes). Yes, he is a bad dude, but isn't the sheriff supposed to be the bad dude?

In the main I was laughing at this show, not with it. A shame, they could have done so much better. Jonas Armstrong's Hood is possibly the smuggest character I've ever seen on TV drama. Makes me want to root for the sheriff except he's an equally tedious pantomine villain. Richard Armitage who plays Gisborne would have made a far better Hood, both physically and charisma wise. This show also takes a cue from the mediocre Herecules the Legendary Journeys with lukewarm comedy provided by boring buffoon like sidekicks. The biggest difference between this and the mid eighties series Robin of Sherwood is the twenty odd year time gap between them, because Britain has changed enormously in that time. I'm talking about the story lines not the lavishness/ special effects. In 1984 it was still OK to celebrate the indigenous British Saxon/ Celtc culture so you had episodes about the Swords of Weiland( the Mythical Saxon smith) and Herne the Hunter ( from Celtic myth) to the background of a heavily Celtic mystical soundtrack. It was gritty and serious. Fast forward twenty years and you've got Robin quoting the Koran, the English/ Welsh longbow takes a backseat to the 'Saracen' bow and multicultural Britain appears to be up and running in the twelfth century.Also the crusades being snidely linked by the script to the Iraq war. The crusades were a bad thing according to this show which English kids will watch. There's no show telling them that 400 years ago ships from the North African caliphate were raiding British coastal towns for slaves. No shows about the Muslim crusades in Spain and South west Europe. This is brainwashing. If they wanted a happy clappy series which all cultures in Britain can relate to, why not set it in a fantasy world instead of rewriting history. The main characters who die during the course of the three seasons are Roy, Marian's father, Marian, Meg, Alan a Dale, Guy of Gisborne, Isabella, Vasey (the Sheriff) and Robin of Loxley (Robin Hood).


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